Blogmas Day 11 - Christmas Tag

Hi guys,

Hope you're having an excellent December so far! So, I was delightfully tagged by Rebecca to do the Christmas tag. I love looking at other peoples answers to these things so I find it very exciting that I get to do one, myself!

Christmas tag:

1) Favourite Christmas Film?

I've actually done a post about my favourite Christmas Films, but I'd have to say Love Actually is my ultimate favourite. Don't get me wrong I love a feel good film but this film although it's set at Christmastime, I am proud to say I watch it all year round.

2) Christmas jumpers - cute or tacky? Show a picture of your fave!

I'm just gonna say it...I'm not a massive fan of Christmas jumpers. I do own a few though, because at Christmas at my old job on Christmas Eve we got to wear Christmas jumpers. I like the ones that you need a slight amount of wit and common sense to understand. Or the ones that are so wacky they're entertaining. But I can find they can get tacky pretty quickly. Here's me in my one:
'Nice Baubles'

3) Do you have any Christmas traditions?

I wouldn't go as far as saying that they are traditions but there are many things Mum and I do that probably wouldn't suit everybody. So on Christmas Eve, we often open one present before going to sleep and it can be any present we wish. On Christmas day we wake up at 7/8 and automatically open presents before lunch. They're things I've always done throughout my life but I know everyone's Christmas Day is different.

4) Have you/will you be visiting any Christmas Markets?

I have actually been to the Oxford Christmas Market that went on for a few days with my housemates, it was so lovely but absolutely freezing! I loved how one of the shops had a fake snow machine hanging out a window for the kids to enjoy some snow, their reactions were priceless. I am also going to go to the German Market in Southampton when I head home for Christmas, you've always gotta have a beer!

5) Christmas Day - Cute or Lazy Outfit?

See this is where I vary. We used to do cute outfit and have a specific new Christmas outfit every year, now it just completely depends on the mood Mum and I are in.

6) What is your advent calendar this year?

This year Mum treated me to a Hershey's Cookies 'n' Cream advent calendar as she felt so bad last year when she realised I did actually want one but she hadn't got one for me and it was too late to get them. Slightly upset that I'm not home until the 18th of December, however I do get 18 days worth of chocolate so I'm not really going to complain that much!

7) Is your tree up?

Not currently. Mum wanted to put it up a few weeks ago but I made her feel really bad that I felt slightly left she's put it off for a bit, until I get home.

8) Are you spending Christmas at home or away?

Home, don't think I could ever have Christmas away!

9) Favourite Christmas song?

I've done a post on this actually, probably 'Fairytale of New York' even though I know there is quite a lot of controversy regarding the wording within the song. I still like the song.

10)Favourite Christmas episode?

Any of the Gavin and Stacey Christmas episodes from series 1-3. I LOVE them! Not only do Mum and I like them a lot, we've even got the Christmas specials on DVD too!!

11) Favourite Christmas memory?

I don't think I've got a singular favourite memory. I know when I got my iMac when I was a lot younger I cried for about 2 hours because I'd wanted it for so long. My family and I have too many Christmas memories as no year is ever like the last!

12) Are you doing Blogmas?

Yes! (Trying to!) Here are some of my previous posts:

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Until next time guys,

Erin xo



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