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Makeup look for only £25 - AlixKate Collaboration!

Hi guys,

This isn't my usual type of post. As some of you may know, I was attempting Blogmas. Unfortunately I didn't suceed this year but there is always hope for the next! Although I epically failed at Blogmas I had arranged to do a collaboration post with a lovely girl called Alix (check out post here). So for our posts today we collaborated to create a collective look for only £25!

For some people this would be hard. For example, if I was attempting to do this for going out makeup, I think I would struggle a lot! However, I think I found this easier than I thought because I don't wear any base makeup, but for the purposes of this post I am going to include the products but they wouldn't be in my daily makeup routine! The aim of this is to create a 'festive' look!

Concealer - Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer - £3.99

This is my go to for brightening up my under eyes and removing my bags caused by severe sleep deprivation. I use this in the second l…

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