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20 Facts About Me!!

Hi guys,

I thought I'd do a post for you all so you got to know some things about me you probably won't have known before. I personally LOVE reading these type of blog posts, so I really hope you enjoy mine! If you want to see more posts of my posts - click either follow (top left) or subscribe (near the top right)!!

Facts About Me:

1) I am 20 years young and my birthday is the 30th of May 1998!

2) My favourite colour is teal - I genuinely just can't get enough of the colour!

3) My two favourite animals are dolphins and flamingos. I even got to swim with a dolphin on holiday last year!!!

4) I've not been on that many holidays - Ireland, Turkey, Canada, Mexico, Fuerteventura and Paris.

5) I love going for late night drives with my friends - it is one of the most tranquil things in my life. I took this picture on one of the night drives I went on. I love the city lights!!!

6) I've only ever had 3 serious relationships in my life - I just can't be dealing with th…

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