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Blogmas Day 11 - Christmas Tag

Hi guys,

Hope you're having an excellent December so far! So, I was delightfully tagged by Rebecca to do the Christmas tag. I love looking at other peoples answers to these things so I find it very exciting that I get to do one, myself!

Christmas tag:

1) Favourite Christmas Film?

I've actually done a post about my favourite Christmas Films, but I'd have to say Love Actually is my ultimate favourite. Don't get me wrong I love a feel good film but this film although it's set at Christmastime, I am proud to say I watch it all year round.

2) Christmas jumpers - cute or tacky? Show a picture of your fave!

I'm just gonna say it...I'm not a massive fan of Christmas jumpers. I do own a few though, because at Christmas at my old job on Christmas Eve we got to wear Christmas jumpers. I like the ones that you need a slight amount of wit and common sense to understand. Or the ones that are so wacky they're entertaining. But I can find they can get tacky pretty qui…

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