Blogmas Day 8 - My Christmas Wishlist!

Hi guys,

Crazy to think Christmas isn't actually that far away. I feel like the first week and a bit of December has gone so quickly! Although I don't get paid until the 18th, I've started the Christmas Shopping already, PayPal credit is an absolute BLESSING!!

But in the spirit of Christmas I thought I'd share what is on my Christmas list:

1) My Car

So in August I was driving up to go to a wedding and I broke down on the M25 because my engine seized up. Now almost 4 months later I still don't have my car back but Mum has agreed to get it fixed for Christmas. I am beyond excited to have that element of my independence back and I am so thoroughly grateful to my mum for doing it for me, considering it would only be after uni that I could afford to get it done.

2) Post Malone tickets

So I was pretty bummed that I didn't get tickets to see Post Malone when tickets first got released. However, when I was on placement I discovered he had released a second tour date and so I quickly messaged my friend Charlotte who I wanted to go with and she was up for it so I messaged my Mum and asked if I could have that as a Christmas present. She said yes so it was a manic rush to buy the tickets on the little 2 bars of 4G that I had whilst on placement. I am beyond excited, I am seeing him on the 14th of March and I am definitely going to cry!!

3) Shellac nail varnishes

So earlier this year I readjusted to paying to get my nails done with shellac and don't get me wrong it was a lovely treat! However, it was just so expensive to upkeep. So I went onto Groupon and bought a shellac kit for £60 which my justification was that, that price is just under what it costs for me to get my nails done by going to a shop. So far, Mum is my only client but over Christmas I hope to practice more!

4) Slippers

This is probably the most generic and boring present on my list, but I really love my slippers when I'm at uni. I genuinely try to live in them as much as possible! Although there is nothing wrong with living in them at home, they are slowly coming to the end of their life now! I cannot wait to hopefully get some more!

So that is all I hope to get for Christmas, anything I do get I will be unbelievably grateful for!

What do you want for Christmas?

Until next time,

Erin xo


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