Blogmas Day 4 - What I received for Secret Santa...

Hi guys,

How are you all today? It is day 4 of Blogmas! I have somehow managed to get all of my university work done and I am writing an abundance of blog posts now. This is a new, organised me. I kinda like it!

Today's post is about my secret Santa presents. As a house we do Secret Santa each year just like we do collective birthday presents, we also make a £20 limit because student loan doesn't stretch too far! We NEVER manage to keep who we have a secret, which really doesn't surprise me anymore. However, although I guessed who everyone had correctly, however none of us had ANY clue what each person got their secret Santa which maintained the element of surprise.

'Christmas' morning was probably full of even more excitement than it ever does at home. I think this is because at home it is just Mum and I so I know who all my gifts are from, I am still incredibly grateful though!

So as we all congregated in the lounge ready for secret Santa, something in the conservatory caught my eye. It was a Christmas bag, with a mugshot of me on it. Don't get me wrong I don't think it is the best photo of me, makeup looks sick!

Within the bag was an abundance of tissue paper, lovely colours and pretty patterns. I am a sucker for the little details!

First I opened a small present which was a photo cube which anyone who knows me personally would say I am a very sentimental person so I thought this gift was a perfect addition to my bedroom at university. At my proper home I have a whole wall dedicated to photos as I love the memories of day, moments and friendships they hold.

After that present I opened a flimsy wrapped parcel. I call it a parcel because it was actually a pass the parcel but for myself. It turned out that my housemate printed off the wrong size pictures for the photo cube so just wrapped them up individually. I'm never gonna say no to photos of my friends and I!

The penultimate present I opened was a cute little book called 'When Santa came to Southampton' as that is where I'm originally from. I thought this idea was very creative and unique. The book includes elements that are completely specific to areas and 'tourist' attractions of Southampton. I cannot wait to read this to my class when I become qualified in June, or when I have children of my own (In the far far far future!!!)

The final present I opened was a really obscure shape so I had absolutely no clue what it could be. When I opened it however, it was shot roulette! Being a university student, of course I like shots and drinking games so this was the perfect gift for me. I have shot wall at home for when my friends come round for predrinks but I am so happy with this gift. I cannot wait to use it next week for the first time. I just know that I am going to get VERY drunk!!

What would your ideal secret Santa present be?

Until next time guys,

Erin xo


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