Blogmas Day 5 - Top 3 Christmas films!

Hi guys,

Hope you've had a great December 5th. This post has gone up quite lot later than I had anticipated due to becoming ill earlier on in the day. I've had a long sleep and am feeling a lot better. Thought I'd make this quite an easy post by just talking about my top 3 Christmas films..enjoy!

1) Love Actually

Love Actually is not only one of my favourite Christmas films, but one of my favourite films all year round! I just find it such a cute, feel good film! I love the plot and the bit at the start with Billy Mack swearing is by far one of my favourite moments in the film. I recently did 'House Christmas' and this year we watched Love Actually as our post-dinner movie...I couldn't believe some of them hadn't ever watched it before. I literally remember being about 10 watching it with my Mum and it's been an annual tradition since then!

2) Eloise at Christmastime

I think this is one of those sentimental films that just stick with you throughout life. I remember so vividly watching it EVERy Christmas with my Grandad. We would make a fort on the floor and have snacks every year. It's one of those underrated films that hardly anyone has heard of and I quite like that selfishly because it almost feels like a little secret that only Grandad and I share. This film is also the only time I've had a slight ghost experience, I'm sure. One day my Mum and I were scrolling through the Christmas film channel to find it and we made sure we pressed record in advance so we could then watch it whenever. A few days later we were scrolling through to find something to watch and EVERY channel said that they were playing it all day. My Mum and I just looked at each other very confused and then called my Nan who said that hers wasn't coming up with it at all, must just be something wrong with our TV. Although I do think that, part of me always likes to think it was Grandad showing that he's still looking down on us.

3) Home Alone

Home alone is one of those classics that I am yet to meet somebody who isn't really a fan. It's one of those films that will forever be regarded highly by all. I love the humour throughout and now watching it as an adult there are so many things you pick up on. Like really, who would forget one of their children when going away? Is it really that likely to happen? Nevertheless, it's always a film I ensure to watch around this time of year.

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  1. I've never seen Eloise at Christmas time. Such an intriguing story with every channel showing! The other two are definite classics, we watch them every year.

    Thanks for the new recommendation I'm going to give it a watch.

    Hannah |


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